Nagellak stash


Essence 604
Essence 602
Essence 163 Hey Nude
Essence 180 It’s raining men!
Essence 106 Free Hugs
Essence 156 Me & My lover
Essence 165 Here’s my number
Essence 18 Fly firefly fly
Essence 10 Glorius aquarius
Essence 10 Glorius aquarius
Essence 17 Only purple matters
Essence 24 Underwater
Essence 52 Out of my mind
Essence 54 Trust in fashion
Essence 150 Upper green side
Essence 42 Dress for a moment
Essence 43 Where is the party?
Essence 86 A lovely secret
Essence 154 Pink & Proud
Essence 08 Ultimate Pink
Essence 56 Got a secret
Essence 21 Fabuless
Essence 35 Movie star
Essence 77 In style
Essence 69 It’s khaki time!
Essence 53 You belong to me
Essence 41 Very berry
Essence 147 Miss universe
Essence multi dimension 68 Perfectly true
Essence multi dimension 75 Tryin’ to be cool
Essence multi dimension 59 Purple diamond
Essence Metal glam 01 Steel-ing the scene
Essence Twins 06 Bella
Essence Twins 08 Gabriella
Essence Colour 3 01 Midnight date
Essence LE Whoom Boom 03 You’ve got the art
Essence LE Ready for boarding 01 Sending you kisses
Essence LE Ready for boarding 02 Beauty on tour
Essence LE Ready for boarding 03 Exits on your right
Essence LE ready for boarding 04 Via airmail!
Essence LE Fruity Perzik
Essence LE Vintage District 02 Shopping @ Portobello road
Essence Top speed 11 Girls Talk
Essence Top speed 09 Boogie night
Essence Top speed 06 Show off
Essence Top speed 08 Gossip
Essence studio nails Basecoat (2x)


Catrice 030 Magic Rose
Catrice 3-1 Nailpolish 42?
Catrice 130 Lucky In Lilac
Catrice 820 Pimp My Shrimp
Catrice 875 It’s All I Can Blue
Catrice 420 Dirty Berry (2x)
Catrice 080 Oh, Champs-Élysées
Catrice 240 Sold Out For Ever
Catrice 590 Jade Is Not My Name
Catrice 06 Call Me Princess
Catrice 740 King Of Greens
Catrice 915 George Blueney
Catrice 910 Oh My Goldness!
Catrice 865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin
Catrice 810 ACid/DC
Catrice 090 Karl Says Très Chic
Catrice LE UpperWILDside C01 Be Aztec!
Catrice LE UpperWILDside C02 Hunting Herritage
Catrice LE UpperWILDside C04 Wild, Wild West-side
Catrice LE SpectaculART C03 Revel The Red
Catrice LE NEONaturals C02 Natural Is Calling
Catrice LE Luxury Lacquers C03 Holo In One
Catrice LE Haute Future C02 Never Green Before


Hema Special glitter effect Glitter Pink
Hema Special glitter effect Glitter Blue
Hema Special effect Holographic Blue
Hema Special effect Holographic Pink
Hema Special effect Holographic Green
Hema Long lasting nailpolish 46
Hema zilver (nr onbekend)


Max Broadway Blue
Max Milano Green
Max Fresco Blue
Max Deep Sea
Max Earth
Max Silver
Max Cracked Turkooise
Max Black (2x)
Max Pink Passion
Max French Pink
Max Caviar setjes (3x zwart, 1x wit)
Max neon setje (Groen, Roze, Blauw, Geel, Oranje, Paars)

Mia Secret

Mia Secret mood colour changing Morade to azul
Mia Secret mood colour changing Purple to pink
Mia Secret mood colour changing Green to yellow


Laushine glow in the dark Roze
Laushine glow in the dark Groen
Laushine glow in the dark Blauw
Laushine glow in the dark Oranje


Essie Leading Lady
Essie Miss Fancy Pants
Essie Where’s My Chauffeur
Essie Butler Please?
Essie The Girls Are Out


Pupa 705
Pupa 030
Pupa 606


P2 Sand 080 Lovely
P2 Sand 090 Opulent
P2 Colour victims 620 artful
P2 Colour victims 920 Up in the air!
P2 Sea la Vie 010 Sunrise
P2 Sea la Vie 020 Sky
P2 Sea la Vie 030 Navy
P2 Sea la Vie 040 Freshness

Wild & More

Wild & More 28
Wild & More 111

Miss Sporty

Miss Sporty 40
Miss Sporty 16

Yes Love

Yes Love glow in dark roze 22
Yes Love glow in dark Paars 24
Yes Love Color Y36
Yes Love Color Y19
Yes Love Color G004

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear 94 Wild Life
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear 26 Purple Potion
Sally Hansen Salon manicure Resurrection
Sally Hansen Salon manicure 270 Raisin The Bar
Sally Hansen Salon manicure First Kiss
Sally Hansen Salon manicure Green Tea


NYC 298 High Line Green
NYC 206 East Village
NYC 325 Raindrop
NYC 294 Lexington Yellow
NYC 320 Blue Sky
NYC 257 Lavender Cupcake


Casuelle colour changing Roze-Wit
Casuelle 20

Golden rose

Golden rose 126
Golden rose jolly Jewels 109
Golden rose jolly Jewels 111

Born Pretty

Born Pretty Holo polish Color 10


Invite 13


Paris 39

Max Factor

Max Factor 3 – 1 Diamond Hard 851
Max Factor 3 – 1 Diamond Hard 846

Maybelline New York

Maybelline Express finish 63
Maybelline 197 Chalk Dust


Gosh 548 Green hawaii


Saffron colour 56 (2x)
Saffron colour 24
Saffron colour 70
Saffron colour 15
Saffron colour 23
Saffron colour 22
Saffron Crackle setje blauw-zilver


Revlon 345 Peach Smoothie


Safari Neon Roze (2x)

Picture Polish

Picture Polish Jasmine

Da Vinci

Da Vinci 314


Mylene 46


Etos 14
Etos 16
Etos Go Holland Go Goud
Etos Go Holland Go Oranje
Etos Go Holland Go Rood
Etos Go Holland Go Wit
Etos Go Holland Go Blauw
Etos Go Holland Go Topcoat


Rimmel Flammable
Rimmel 002 Ruby crush
Rimmel cocktail colour 130 Apple berry smoothie
Rimmel 613 Midnight Rendezvous 
Rimmel 703 White Hot Love 


Trind CC198
Trind CC199
Trind CC200

Sinful Colors

Sinful Colors Pinky glitter 830
Sinful Colors I miss you 930
Sinful Colors Hottie 831
Sinful Colors Nail junkie 927
Sinful Colors Snow me white 101


OPI Coral Sea
OPI mini 016
OPI mini 049 (2x)
OPI mini 039

Nicole by OPI

Nicole by OPI Imagine If…

Embellish (primark)

Embellish caviar setje goud
Embellish caviar setje zilver


Goodmark Oranje

Max Lakier Do Paznokci

Max Lakier Do Paznokci Rood

Lakjes uit make up setjes

Donker roze
Parelmour roze
Parelmour roze/grijs


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